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This concept is even hundreds of years older than Michael Porter's idea and was given by a Chinese General who stated that competition should be avoided in order to do best war. In the region we have other airline that can offer competitive offering to customers.

It must be cost-efficient and profitable, and it must create value. Moreover, companies should also plan what to do if others copy their idea and launch similar products in the market. The Blue Ocean Strategy is an important strategic tool that blossoms into a real competitive advantage, if businesses comply with the following three factors that characterize a Blue Ocean.

This way "The Body Shop" became involve in the battle of market share and is still struggling. Uber was the first cab company to offer electronic payments. While this strategy argues that there are spaces in the market which are unexplored, identifying such places is difficult and maintaining them to avoid competition is also impossible.

Google can focus on creating the customizable cellphone because cellphones will continue to be a part of almost everyone daily lives. After finding a promising proposition, it needs to be honed by reducing or removing dispensable Blue ocean essays as well as improving operations plus adding reforms.

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Kim and Mauborgne provide various methods and tools for strategically implementing an invention. The following will discuss examples of a blue ocean strategy and red ocean strategy and the pros and cons to each.

A majority of businesses are looking for their own blue ocean to work peacefully in but that may be hard to find in any type of business category. They win the game not by competing in the existing market but make the competition irrelevant by focusing on the new market space. This market has high competition Blue ocean essays many players who trade in the stock market.

The case of "The Body Shop" is a good example for understanding what happens when companies consider this process as static. As companies compete with each other prices are reduced, profits fall and growth is limited to the size of the current market. They also put a lot of money into sports branding such as Manchester United.

The times when exporting something across the world seemed impossible have passed. However, recently Malaysian Airline System — MAS before the shares acquisition also using red color in the newspaper advertisement.

China mobile have to a large extent applied blue ocean strategy which have enabled it to continue growing and expanding even in the global markets. Another goal would be to have an efficient and user-friendly application, which they have managed and tried hard to make-work.

Possibility of product expansion To the customer, AirAsia has become a strong brand. If the driver has a lot of negative comments and a low rating, Uber removes them from the system, meaning they will no longer work for the company. The demand for new and updated features and also the markets are increasing 3.

General facts about the sector get presented at the outset, followed by a critical analysis of the Blue Ocean Strategy. By making such a phone, china mobile did not only create a need in these people but it also created awareness of such needs and successfully met them.

In case, the blue ocean becomes Red due to lot of competitors, the companies need to create a new ocean again in order to swim freely Parvinen et al. Uber is all about transporting pretty much anything better, cheaper, and whenever. Invention on the china Unicom led to high demand of it in the country.

Strategy Canvas Figure 3: It does not mean to do a strict competition with the other companies where everyone is doing same thing. Which factors that the industry takes for granted must be eliminated. In doing so international hotel chains overwhelm smaller private hotel with their power for backing high investments at the expanse of stockholders.

Get Access Blue Ocean Strategy Essay Sample Blue ocean strategy is a concept written to question the standard five forces concept of marketing. The BOS introduces a systematic way for entrepreneurs and innovators to create new demand with the highest profitable growth.

Six Principles of Blue Ocean Strategy Several companies created Blue Oceans and were very successful but some also failed in accomplishing their objectives. Traditional wines have the same image and description on the bottles that talk heavily about the type of wine and all other use of the wine terminology.

However, the nature of their work could have necessitated such a phone.

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While using the blue strategy, china mobile tries to come up with mobile phones which create demand in the market while at the same time reducing possibilities of competition.

This is the point where The Body Shop was stuck as they only focused on mining market space rather than focusing on competitors. Hire Writer The blue ocean strategy is today being used by most of the successful businesses around the world.

The development of such has been the best strategy they have used. Starbucks is a blue ocean it has been so ever since it started but slowly and gradually they are moving towards becoming Red Ocean which means to compete with others. 4 Pages ( words) Essay Future Of Furniture Companies With Blue Ocean Strategy.

Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne is a strategy that challenges companies to distance itself away from fierce competition by establishing uncontested market space that makes existing competition irrelevant. This is an overall Blue Ocean strategic audit of the General Electric Company along with future business considerations.

Please thoroughly look at the previous assignments to work off of to prepare the paper, as you will find everything you need to know in the file for the assignment. However, blue ocean strategy refers an unknown market space that there is no demand for it, and no competition.

In those markets, there is a huge opportunity to make profit and grow. Companies implement blue ocean strategy in two ways. Blue Ocean Strategy Paper Blue Ocean Strategy Paper Blue Ocean Strategy is a book written in to provides readers the ability to no fight against their competitors brands but rather develop ones brand in what some would call a neglected or unusual market place.

Ocean Carriers Case Ocean Carriers uses a 9% discount rate. 1.

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Do you expect daily spot rate to increase or decrease next year? Daily spot rates are expected to decrease next year because 63 new vessels are scheduled for delivery over the next year and imports of ore and coal would most likely remain stagnant over the next two years.

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